Royal Herbs, Egypt’s cultivator, producer, and supplier of premium quality, all-natural healthy infusions, inaugurated the first ever certified green building for local workers, named ‘The Bahareya Village’, in an effort to give back to the community and promote a more-sustainable way of life for its employees. Incorporating only local labor force as well as material in its design, the sustainable facility, located near Baweety, Bahareya Oasis, is capable of housing up-to 150 workers, 10 engineers, employees, and visitors.

Royal Herbs has been a staple of the Egyptian agricultural field since 1985, and throughout their sustainable presence in this ecosystem, they have been giving back to the community each step of the way; all while pushing forward for excellence, great taste, health benefits and lifelike experiences.

As a result of the cooperation between Royal Herbs S.A.E and Martin Bauer GmbH & Co.KG – Germany, a design encouraging individuality while still maintaining social spaces was brought to life.

Each piece of material used in ‘The Bahareya Village’ is adaptable to the local environment with a palette that brings visual harmony to the whole structure. In fact, the residential facility of ‘The Bahareya Village’ was brought about using PV batteries and panels, with spaces promoting social interaction; these include a cafeteria, a mosque, outdoors seating areas, and multipurpose rooms, as well as an in-house clinic offering medical services to the residents.

The Bahareya Village is one-of-a-kind, all-Egyptian project providing employees and visitors with an eco-friendly living space; it is the first Tarsheed Certified green building from the Egyptian Council of Green Buildings.

The project is the recipient of three Tarsheed certificates in the areas of energy, water, and habitat, showing significant waste reduction, which is imperative for the sustainable lifestyle Royal is striving for.

The people at Royal still wanted to add flair to ‘The Bahareya Village’ project, so with the help of Mashrou’ El Saada, they managed to color the premise in an effort to bring life into it. The artists were inspired by the design of the nearby village, and so used elements from the rural environment to incorporate it into the design in an abstract manner.

The process engaged employees and partners of Royal giving all parties the chance to give back. All with the aim of creating a home away from home for local workers, which happen to be the core of Royal Herbs.