Protect nature and restore balance

Our Commitments

  • Transform at least of degraded land or desert into sustainable productive landscapes
  • Regenerate ecosystems and preserve biodiversity
  • Become carbon-neutral and proactively adapt to climate change


Appreciate resources and close the loops

Our Commitments

  • Build a truly Circular Business Model
  • Use water wisely and responsibly
  • Achieve sustainable and renewable energy
  • Build green to last with people and ecosystems in minds


Care for our people, deeply and honestly

Our Commitments

  • Support physical and mental wellbeing of our people
  • Ensure health and safety in a reliable and effective manner
  • Create a diverse inclusive and welcoming workplace
  • Help our people to do their best and keep growing


Steer towards sustainable future

Our Commitments

  • Improve living standards of the local communities
  • Build impactful partnerships that contribute to the SDGs
  • Inspire sustainable and healthy lifestyles among our customers
  • Lead efforts on business accountability and integrity
  • Integrate global frameworks and report on our progress

Partners For The Greater Good

For more details on our goals, long-term priorities and targets

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The Super-achiever Bahareya Village

Our Tarsheed-certified guesthouse located in El-Wahat El-Bahareya village is an embodiment of our sustainability core values. From the way it was constructed to how we operate it, the guest house is an eco-friendly facility in all its aspects.

Tarsheed certification is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. To receive such certification, our guesthouse satisfied prerequisites and over-achieved the minimum requirements. Our guesthouse scores in saving include:


Energy Savings


Water Savings


Habitat Savings

Committed to our people

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