Royal Slimming Tea is known globally as an effective aid for weight loss with regular intake. Through encouraging the excretion of excess water, reducing the absorption of fats and improving metabolism, this herbal tea’s safe effect for weight loss is guaranteed by its all-natural formula.


Royatens mixes together olives, hibiscus sepals, and chamomile flowers to safely and rapidly reduce high blood pressure and relieve stress. It can be also advisable for asthmatic and diabetic patients.


Royapetro is a healthy diuretic helpful for those suffering from kidney stones and its subsequent urinary infections. It helps the body to flush out excess minerals and relieves the painful colics associated with stones due to its high content of phenolic acid and volatile oils.


Breastfeeding is the optimum nutrition for newborns and infants, that’s why Royalact helps increase the flow of mothers’ breast milk and ensure the best nourishment for growing children in these golden days.


Royabetes is an all natural combination of Green tea, Chicory, Majoram and cinnamon that may aid in the control of blood sugar levels and is an antioxidant.