A herbal tea mix that would give you the perfect start of the day with energy boosting formula and exquisite taste.


The quality of sleep is essential for mood stability, concentration and productivity. This formula of herbal tea was specially created to help those with sleeping and relaxing problems have a better night sleep.


A perfect way to start a new healthy lifestyle is helpling your body get rid of toxins. Royal detox herbal tea is your perfect choice because of its unique formula and taste.


Irritable bowel is the unwanted gift of our modern rushed lifestyle with continuous stress and unhealthy eating habits. This amalgamation of natural herbs in Lighten heals the distressed colon and resets our digestive system to calamity and pain-free days.


Cough can be hard to shake off especially with changing seasons and dusty and polluted atmospheres. Breathe, composed of cinnamon, thyme, and guava leaves, effectively helps in soothing the symptoms of cough and restoring effortless breathing.


The optimum mental state of a mother is reached once her baby is calm. CALM’s formula of organic herbal tea is the ultimate herbal tea for infants and babies. It helps in soothing their digestive system and sleep.