We strive for the best quality and continuous innovations.



We believe that caring about our environment is to care about our future which in turn ensures success today and for future generations.



We set priorities based on our customers’ needs and recommendations by going the extra mile to meet their expectations.



We see and value the uniqueness of every customer; we believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.



We are true to our word and keep our promises; we maintain the quality of the products we present.

Our Vision

Be a role model in the natural herbs beverage industry in Egypt and Worldwide.

Our Mission

Providing superior quality from seed to cup.

Prestigious Herbs, The Blend Makers

Welcome to the aromatic world of Royal Herbs. We offer exquisite herbal infusions of exceptional character and rich underlying attributes since 1985. A subsidiary of the Ottoman group, a diversified company established in the early 20th century, Royal Herbs is the leading cultivator, producer and supplier of premium quality, all natural healthy infusions in Egypt.

All through the old centuries, in the Upper Egypt, there was a city known for its use of herbs as part of the normal daily life. This city is called Apotek and was recognized of being a warehouse of medicines and herbs. In the Pharaonic language, Apotek means the Warehouse of Medicines. We have taken the same concept of that city and established our vision to create a world using healing plants to treat various illnesses instead of drugs.

Cultivated on our own farms with state-of-the-art machinery, we capture the flavors ofherbs likesweet Fennel, Lemongrass, Licorice, Lemon balm, Calendula, Basil, Caraway, Chicory, Oat Straw, Fenugreek, Coriander and Alfalfa. Our special packaging assures the finest quality 100% natural herbsin the form of tea bags or in bulk.

With the hard work of our passionate and talented team of individuals, Royal Herbs now enjoys its presence in over six continents in the world and also distributes to the leading expert in tea, extracts and botanicals – the Martin Bauer Group.

We take pride in being a certified member of international and national associations like Naturland, Biosuisse, JAS, NOP to name a fewalong with being Fair Trade Certified. In the end, Royal Herbs promises a pleasurableherb infusing experience to people around the world.