Mahmoud Khalil

Generations of the best Herbs

Let me express my warm greetings and gratitude to each and every person interested in having a glimpse of the Royal Herbs world. It is our ultimate pleasure to offer you a pinch of nature with every sip of a cup infused with Royal Herbs.

Royal Herbs is a family-owned business whose members on both levels embrace and appreciate nature in all forms. We believe that nature offers the best existing quality within all its creations, which turned us into quality-obsessed human beings. At Royal Herbs, ‘Quality’ is our 1st priority starting with all our business functions up to our final products offered to your esteemed selves.

Our leadership in the ‘Herbal Drinks’ industry is derived from our deep knowledge in all related aspects from seed to cup. A fine compilation of inspiringly beautiful farms, state-of-the-art machinery and a highly dedicated team is the recipe behind Royal Herbs’ success. And with a recent infusion of modern management techniques in our business, we promise you a new era of herbs industry in Egypt and a well-positioned brand worldwide.

We grow our herbs, process them and deliver them to you in the best and healthiest possible way. Royal Herbs is driven by our continuous efforts and hard work together with innovation to meet your ultimate satisfaction and offer you a proud Egyptian product with the highest international standards.

Our journey will never be complete without your constant support and feedback that helps putting us on the right track and further gives us the spark to pursue our dream.