Classic Infusion

Known as the “Roselle” is a plant unique for its red colour brought to you directly from our farms. Hibiscus can be served hot or refreshingly cold. It is known for its anti-hypertensive properties to control the blood pressure and it is also used to sooth the digestive system.

Ingredients: Pure raw hibiscus - Caffeine-free

Benefits: It contains red hibiscus (3 %), a vasodilator which can lower high blood pressure.

The sour taste of hibiscus is due to the acids it contains, such as hibiscus, tartaric, citric, and malic acids, which alkalinize the blood. Hibiscus is also rich in flavor, and known for their anti-inflammatory effect on internal organs and eczema. Hibiscus also gives a sensation of satiety and as such is considered a weight reducing agent.