Combining Knowledge and Modern Technology

Our farming methods combine scientific knowledge and modern technology with traditional farming practices based on many centuries of agriculture. In general, organic methods rely on naturally occurring biological processes, which often take place over extended periods of time and a holistic approach. Over the past 23 years, Royal Herbs has increased its farming land to include 8,000 acres across Faiyum, Mina, the New Valley, Oases, BeniSuef, Assiut, Nubaria, and Aswan. Both soil and plant samples are continuously examined annually by six international inspection organizations. The production of the herbal teas is done in such a way that the product comes with high quality. With this, the company did not only consider producing the herbal tea but also made it a point to produce it from their own herbs and healing plants. The process of production starts from taking care of the plants from the beginning. This is the secret of the excellent taste and value of the product that we provide. With the efforts of the company and its team, the customers can be sure about the pureness of the products that are being released. As you enjoy your cup of herbal tea, you will be able to realize that the soothing effect of the beverage is a product of careful processing. Health and taste are combined together, making it one of the best beverages that will not be soothing and relaxing but will also be great for health.